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Connecting Technicians to Answers... FAST

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When technicians get stuck - they turn to DownTimeMD.

DownTimeMD uses the power of A.I. to help technicians get ‘unstuck’ – so your equipment can get back to work.

Technicians select the symptoms, and A.I. determines the most likely causes of the problem. DownTimeMD then displays the pre-made resolution guide… instantly.

Virtually eliminate tribal knowledge with DownTimeMD.

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DownTimeMD demo
DownTimeMD on Computer and Phone

Keep your finger on the pulse of your experience.

Detailed statistics are generated and available for management review – so you know whats breaking, and how it’s fixed.

Concise, yet expandable – DownTimeMD can be custom configured to provide your team with key information related to your industry – such as routine maintenance reminders and tracking.

With DownTimeMD - your best tech is always on the job.

Your Technical Teams Best Friend

DownTimeMD’s knowledge base is always learning and growing – it will quickly become the most valuable tool in your technicians toolbox.


With DownTimeMD – technicians can find information quickly, leave notes and even upload pictures and diagrams.

Cut your attractions downtime with DownTimeMD.


DownTimeMD is currently enrolling a beta testing period.