Building Info Hub

Increase Resident Retention

A dynamic platform that engages residents with their community.

Building Info Hub is a central point for residents to learn whats happening in their community. It has a simple, easy to understand interface that presents information clearly and is easy to update by building staff.

Information on the Hub is entirely customizable by the building. Create new categories, items or events in seconds without any technical skills.

The Hub is easily accessible to residents by scanning a QR code with no App to download or sign-in to remember.

Increase Resident Engagement and Satisfaction

Residents can learn about upcoming events, optional services, or just read about building amenities.

Spotlight optional services and provide visibility to overlooked services such as rental storage units or customized painting.

Get value out of your events by increasing resident awareness.

Give residents one central point to access all of the building services. Building Info Hub seamlessly integrates with existing services your organization already uses.

Increase Resident Engagement
Info Hub for Apartment Buildings

Craft your hub to your exact needs.

Add or remove categories and items at a whim – there is no limit to what you can add and no technical expertise is needed.

Add announcements, events, links to resources, community policies – or anything else.

Content automatically looks beautiful, no need to waste time designing flyers, writing emails etc.

Show future residents what life is like in the community.

Give prospective residents an ever changing glimpse into the exciting lifestyle enjoyed by residents at your community.

Perspective Residents can access the community hub to see what is going on in the community, even before they are a resident.

Quick Access to the hub can be provided via a QR code on marketing materials.

Apartment Building Information Center

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